Simple Sustainable Food

Nestled at 3000 Feet elevation in the Okanogan Highlands, our second generation farm is a wild preserve for PNW fruits, vegetables and herbs. Our products are minimally processed and organic.

We use Korean Natural Farming and permaculture principles to nurture the land, and we advocate for seasonal nutrition.

The Fox Family

For over four decades, the Fox family has lived and worked on a 90-acre property, creating a sustainable farm.

Audrey and Wayne began the journey in the late 1970s when they moved to the community known as Island Mountain. They raised their children, Gabriel and Wendy, in a home largely built by their own hands.

Now the farm has come full circle, as Gabriel and Michellee Fox live in the family home with their children Robin and Julian. The land continues to nurture our family, and we look forward to sharing it with you.